Sqala de la Ville, Historic Sea Ramparts
Photo by Mike Greene

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Essaouira (Essa - we - ra) was a "hippie" destination back in the '60's and still looks like one today.  Very compelling scenery and the windiest city in Morocco with the downtown area closed to cars, this town was made for people watching, shopping, and just walking around.  Probably the nicest town on our trip.  Our driver said it was the dream of Moroccans if they only had one place to vacation, then they would come to Essaouira.

 Goats climbing in the trees to find food.  This was a common sight along the road
 The view from the ramparts looking toward the port
 Essaouira is a major fishing port for Morocco
 There was no shortage of excellent and cheap restaurants
 The landward side of the ramparts, now used for shops
 No shortage of shops in this town
 The main shopping street
 Moroccans are very proud of their natural remedies
 More shopping opportunities