The Last Day in India

No, we didn't spend the last day at the Taj Mahal, but we thought you'd like a final look.  Our last full day in India was spent in Delhi with some last minute touring and shopping. The heat continued, but was now much more tolerable. We had decided to look for a big American meal before we left as everyone was feeling deprived, but once at the restaurant, we couldn't avoid the tempation of curry and nan.

Our unofficial tour guide and rickshaw entrepeneur, Ranjit Singh, appeared again ready to take us to the many tourist shops that he knew would pay him a nice commission. He had to cool his heels while we toured the Crafts Museum. Not much of a museum, but the gift shop and the crafts on display for sale were worth the stop - at least for us - not for Ranjit who earned no money from these sales.

There was some grumbling from Larry as to why we could never go anywhere simple for a vacation. Why not, just go to the beach and have someone wait on you instead of the heat, noise, dust, and crowds of India. Well, maybe we'll venture somewhere easy next time. Cool breezes, quiet streets, shopping without pressure, familiar food . . . maybe we will, but I'll be dreaming of India.

Our flight left for home at 6:45AM. It took us 28 hours to get from the Le Meridien Hotel in Delhi to our door in Virginia.

A last look at the Taj Mahal

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More people and sights of India

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