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This website shows the May 14-26, 2004 trip to India by Neil, Mike, and Larry Greene of Alexandria, Virginia and Larry's friend, Spencer Wright, also of Alexandria.

What started as a request by Larry to see the Himalayas on our next vacation, ended up far from those mountains but rewarding none the less. Larry, who has already toured Vietnam, Syria, Oman, and Xinziang Province in China in his 18 years, wanted to trek the Himalayas.

It seemed, however, that we couldn't come and go from India without seeing Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur first. Then I spotted an offer in the Washington Post's travel section from Crown Travel offering a trip to those 3 cities for $1500 including air fare.

That trip only allowed 8 days in India, but planning to travel that far, we wanted to stay longer. Crown Travel was able to add 4 more days at a reasonable price and we were set.

This website will chronical our trip and display the many photos takened by Larry and I from May 14 to May 26, 2004.

The first stop is to meet the people of India, a diverse, colorful population.

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