Jama Masjid and Neighboring Old Delhi

By this time of day, the heat was up. The A/C in our tour bus had already surrendered and our day of touring was just beginning. But, hey, it gave us the chance to open the bus's windows and hear the sounds of Delhi. The heat already kept the crowds small and left the hawkers in the shade.
At the Jama Masjid, Larry and Spencer were told to wear wraps over their shorts to cover their legs but disdained the offered socks for their feet after they removed their sandals. They then spent most of the visit to the mosque jumping around like kids on a hot beach - when will they learn?

The normal day for attendance at the mosque is Friday, the Islamic sabbath, hence the name for this mosque or "Friday Mosque". The mosque was pretty quiet, people were sleeping everywhere, using the shade of the mosque to escape their hot homes.

The main courtyard in the front of the mosque holds 30,000 of the faithful every Friday morning

Spencer and Larry at the Mosque. Their shorts had to be covered for modesty
Local residents used the shade of the
mosque to avoid the heat and to socialize.
View of Old Delhi neighborhood from the mosque.

Typical street scene in old Delhi
Old Delhi scene.
Getting a drink on a hot day
Outside the North Gate of the mosque.
Local personality.

After Jama Masjid, we headed to Qutb Minar,

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